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Families who visited us in 2018 have left their comments and ratings of their holidays

Real Family Holiday Scottish Highlands 2018 Reviews:

5 Star Pic Thank you for a lovely Easter weekend, we really enjoyed our stay. We found our room to be spacious and very clean, staff asked us more than once if we were happy and had everything we needed. The food was really tasty and plentiful, many thanks to Fiona who made sure our wee girl had delicious dairy free alternatives, she especially enjoyed the haggis for breakfast. All the staff were friendly and approachable, nice balance of led activities and free time. As minor suggestions it would have been helpful to have had a mirror near a socket in the room. Our daughter thought it would be great if there was a mud kitchen to play with (ours is just a low table with a selection of pots and pans, access to water and plenty of mud) We enjoyed our visit just as much as our real family holidays to the Millport site and I’m sure we’ll be back again. (April 2018)


Real Family Holiday Scottish Islands 2018 Reviews:

 5 Star PicAlthough the weather was shocking most of the week, the staff team were just as enthusiastic as always. We built and lit a camp fire in the driving sleet and wind. A highlight! We loved our holiday. (April 2018)


Real Family Holiday Box Hill, Surrey 2018 Reviews:

Thank you very much for making our time at the Juniper Hall absolutely wonderful. Everything was perfect; the setting, food, staff, even the weather! It would not be a truly British holiday without the slight drizzle and the mist. We loved it. Who would have thought that there are all these amazing walks and true wilderness only 10 miles from London! One of the best holidays ever and really looking forward to coming back. (April 2018)


5 Star Pic


(April 2018)


Real Family Holiday Devon, Start Bay 2018 Reviews:

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