About Real Family Holiday Customer Reviews

Why do we want online reviews?

FSC is proud of Real Family Holidays and we try to provide good quality information on our website to help people decide about booking a holiday. Feedback from past customers is valued by people when making these decisions.

Any paper forms completed during your stay are for centre use and aren’t available online.  These are used to help improve the delivery of our holidays.

Who can leave reviews?

If you have booked and stayed on a Real Family Holiday you can choose to leave us an online review about it.

What do we want in your review?

  • Star rating – we ask you to rate your stay from 1-5 with 1 being poor and 5 excellent.
  • Why – whether you enjoyed your holiday or not please share the reason(s) why.
  • Concise comments – we don’t have a fixed word limit but suggest keeping reviews under about 150 words.
  • Honesty – please be as honest as you can be, we want people to see a balanced view of our holidays to help them in their choices.   

What you can’t include:

We approve all reviews before they are made live and will not include comments if they contain:

  • Obscene, distasteful, racist, or profane content of any kind.
  • Named members of FSC staff (whether in a positive or negative way).  Please use ‘tutor’ or ‘centre staff’ as alternatives.
  • Comments relating to FSC in general or other holidays/locations not linked to the stay you are reviewing.
  • Your name – all our customer reviews will be anonymous.

We may remove names or inappropriate comments from reviews to enable them to be published or shorten them as necessary.  Otherwise we will not edit or change their content in any way.

Where will your review be used?

Reviews will primarily be used on the Real Family Holidays and FSC websites.

We may also use comments and statistics from star ratings in promotional literature, social media, press releases, printed information or adverts.

We will not publish your name with your review so they will be anonymous.

How to leave reviews

Simply visit /portal/give-reviews-of-your-bookings.aspx and click at the top of the page to log in to the FSC website.  If you haven’t got a username and password (e.g. if you didn’t book online) please also click on the Log in/Register link and complete your details.

Once you are logged in you will see your Real Family Holidays that you have attended.  You can choose to leave a review for any of these. 

You can only leave one review per holiday but you can log back in and edit your reviews at any time.

Please note we manually approve each review or edit so there may be a delay in submitting it before it appears on the website.


FSC reserves the right to not publish any reviews it deems unsuitable.  If you have comments that you would like to pass on directly to us which are not suitable for online reviews please email [email protected]




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