Can your holiday choice affect climate change?

No-one can fail to have seen or heard recent coverage on climate change and its impact, from David Attenborough’s stark words of warning to terrifying scenes from Australian bushfires. At Real Family Holidays we are part of FSC, an environmental charity who has been concerned with helping our environment for the last 75 years.

Real Family Holiday locations are run as sustainably as possible: green energy is sourced from Ecotricity, visitors are encouraged and educated to reduce their usage of things like electricity and water where possible and waste is minimised throughout. FSC is accredited by the Carbon Trust and the organisation and its centres are working towards even more ambitious targets in carbon reduction. 

FSC's mission: ‘We want to create a world where everyone feels connected to the environment so they can enjoy the benefits it gives and make choices that help protect it.’

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Activities on Real Family Holidays help families to discover a bit more about our wildlife and landscapes, and encourage the confidence to continue this learning back at home. We have found that knowing more about the environment leads to people caring more about it, and hopefully making choices which have a positive impact.

A holiday in the UK also avoids taking a flight abroad – one of the worst forms of transport for your carbon footprint, and with many of our locations being easy to reach by public transport  and having activities on site or walking distance where possible you can really make a difference.

Our choices have an impact on climate change:

Choose Real Family Holidays and reduce your own carbon use, while also supporting a charity committed to making a real difference.

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