Real Family Holiday - FAMILY ACTIVITY: Making A Bird Feed Pine Cone

FAMILY ACTIVITY: Bird Feed Pine Cone

Your family will need:Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pine cone
Suet or lard
Microwaveable mixing bowl
Choose a range from: bird seed, grated cheese, sunflower seeds and/or oats


1) Collect pine cones (they can be any size, but best if they are open a bit).
2) Tie the string around the pine cone, tucking the string into the cone, leaving a length to tie it up.
3) Put your bird seed mix (or any ingredients you are using) on a plate.
4) Put some lard in the mixing bowl and melt it in the microwave.
5) Dip your pine cone in to the melted lard, and then roll it in the bird seed mix on the plate.
6) Leave it to cool.
7) Hang your cone from a tree or your bird table.
8) Watch for the birds to come.

To see what birds are landing on your feeder, use our bird identification guide.

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