Real Family Holiday - FAMILY ACTIVITY: Making A Footprint Tunnel

FAMILY ACTIVITY: Making a Footprint Tunnel

Mammal Tracking Polaroid

Your family will need:

Plastic tube - drain pipe, plastic drinks bottle (ends cut off)
Plain paper
Ink (food colouring/powder paint)
Vegetable Oil
A thin sponge pad (or similar)
Greaseproof paper
Bait - cat/dog food and chopped up apple or peanut butter
Small Bowl


1) Cut the paper to fit in the length of your tube, slot it in so it lines the bottom half of the tube.
2) Cut 2 squares of sponge, about 4-6cm.
3) Cut 2 squares of greaseproof paper about 1cm bigger than your sponge square.
4) Mix the vegetable oil with your ink in your bowl.
5) Lay the squares of greaseproof paper on your plate.
6) Dip the sponge squares in to the ink mix so it soaks in (this can get messy).
7) Lay the ink sponges in the middle of the greaseproof paper.
8) Put your tube out, somewhere you think small mammals might be travelling, along a hedgerow, near a tree, on the edges of some open spaces. Make sure it is flat.
9) Place the bait in the middle of the tube.
10) Lay the greaseproof paper with ink pad on top at each end of the tube.
11) Leave overnight, and look in the morning to see who has been in.
12) Identify which animals have been through your tunnel using our footprint guide.


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