Real Family Holiday - FAMILY ACTIVITY: Weather Diary

After your Real Family Holiday you can create your own weather diary and make a note on the changing weather that is happening.

Your family will need:FAMILY ACTIVITY: Weather Diary

A Notepad
Pencil and Pens
2ltr plastic bottles
Beaufort scale (attached here)

Decide on a location that you are going to record the weather each day. Make sure you can get to the same place every day and at the same time.

Your family will need to think about and record the following:

What is the temperature?

Look around you are what people might be wearing, what are you wearing? Are you wearing a coat or a t-shirt? Hold your thermometer out in the air for a minute to see how cold it is.

How strong is the wind?

Look at the tress/bushes around you? Is your hair blowing in the wind? Look at the Beaufort Scale on the Met Office to see what they have.

What direction is the wind blowing?

Pick up a piece grass throw it in the air above your head which way does it go? Using your compass work out which direction the wind is coming from?

How much rain has fallen or is falling?

Using a plastic 2ltr bottle, carefully cut the top off about ¼ of the way down from the top, invert the top in to the bottom of the bottle. You have made a rain gauge.

How many clouds are in the sky?

Look straight up in to the sky divide your view in to 8 how many of the 8 pieces have clouds in. Give it a score out of 8.

What colour are the clouds?

Are they fluffy white clouds or grey clouds? Think about what it might been the sky is doing by the colour of the clouds?

Send us your family pictures of your weather diaries to our Real Family Holiday Facebook page.



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