February fun: Top outdoor activities for half term

At a loose end for February half term? Why not get your wellies, coats and waterproofs ready and try some outdoor fun!

Hunt for snowdrops

At this time of year it’s exciting to spot early flowers shooting up. Dainty white snowdrops are usually first but depending on the weather over the winter you might be able to spot shoots from others like daffodils or tulips. 

Weather diary

Take a look at things like temperature, wind speed and clouds to build a picture of changing weather. It’s fun at this time of year to see how much things are changing ready for spring. See more ideas here

Help our birds

It’s still cold enough that birds really appreciate being provided with food and water. Use a shallow dish for water and find out how to make your own cone bird feeder here 

Nature artwork

Local woodlands are a brilliant source of materials for a piece of artwork. Collect twigs, feathers, leaves and more and see where your creativity takes you back at home.

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Get ready to spot the signs of spring

Download our handy sheet to spot four indicators of the arrival of spring. Find out more about why these are the things to look for

Go on a bug hunt

How many insects can you find in your garden or local park? Look under leaves, logs or in trees. The FSC guide to bugs and beasties is a great way to identify what you find. 

Go for a walk

You don’t even need a plan to enjoy being outdoors. Just head outside and enjoy the scenery, splash in puddles or spot signs of wildlife – you never know what you might find!

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