Reviews 2018

Families who visited us in 2018 have left their comments and ratings of their holidays

Real Family Holiday Scottish Highlands 2018 Reviews:

5 Star Pic Thank you for a lovely Easter weekend, we really enjoyed our stay. We found our room to be spacious and very clean, staff asked us more than once if we were happy and had everything we needed. The food was really tasty and plentiful, many thanks to Fiona who made sure our wee girl had delicious dairy free alternatives, she especially enjoyed the haggis for breakfast. All the staff were friendly and approachable, nice balance of led activities and free time. As minor suggestions it would have been helpful to have had a mirror near a socket in the room. Our daughter thought it would be great if there was a mud kitchen to play with (ours is just a low table with a selection of pots and pans, access to water and plenty of mud) We enjoyed our visit just as much as our real family holidays to the Millport site and I’m sure we’ll be back again. (April 2018)

4 Star PicGood value for money, very relaxed atmosphere, my 7 year old daughter had a ball. Room a little tired but clean and comfortable. (July 2018)

 5 Star PicMy two boys, 11 and 5, enjoyed the house, grounds and activities immensly, and I could let them roam by themselves for much of our free time. As a single parent, I got a chance to read a whole book, get plenty of rest, connect with other parents and families, and even relax with a couple of pints in the bar. The activities are engaging for all ages and very well run. They give brilliant ideas what kids can do outdoors and we will be doing some of these things back home. The accommodation was clean and practical with plenty of space and privacy, and the food was good and plentyful with friendly staff serving up. I even had some essential clothing laundered, folded and returned to me which helped us survive the long trip home. I loved it, the kids loved it, and it is unbelievable value for money. (July 2018)

5 Star PicWe had a great time at Kindrogan. We enjoyed all the activities on offer. Instructors and other staff at centre are friendly and welcoming. Activities are well organised and pitched so that all ages can enjoy and participate fully.(July 2018)


Real Family Holiday Scottish Islands 2018 Reviews:

 5 Star PicAlthough the weather was shocking most of the week, the staff team were just as enthusiastic as always. We built and lit a camp fire in the driving sleet and wind. A highlight! We loved our holiday. (April 2018)

5 Star PicAs promised after last year's trip to Millport, we took another 3 families along with us and everybody had a ball! The food was great, staff were amazing, weather was stunning (except Sunday), the activities were brilliant - very happy children meant very happy adults. Bushcraft was enjoyed by all and Beach Art showed a variation of styles that can be achieved in the rain! Introduced some newbies to snorkelling and cant wait to come back again next year.... (July 2018)

   I booked the trip for my partner and his kids as a surprise however I had to inform him beforehand because FSC didn’t confirm the booking until a few days before and only because we phoned several times. When they arrived they were given rooms in the old building that were pretty outdated to be honest ( I had stayed previously in the new block and was impressed with the standard). At dinner time there was no where for them to sit and eat, no table reserved and they had to eat standing up until a member of the kitchen staff (apparently there was no staff available as it was after 4pm and fsc staff finished at that time) made them up a make shift table, next to the sink! Mealtimes in general al were over crowded and the families seemed to be out numbered by other adults. The kitchen staff did their best and should be credited for being extra patient and going above and beyond. Sorry, but I was embarrassed I recommended fsc to him. I so wanted to give a great review but I can’t recommend it to others after this. (July 2018)

 5 Star PicA fabulous time for the whole family. Every need was catered for which allowed us to spend quality time with each other. We are now looking forward to coming back next year. (July 2018)


Real Family Holiday Box Hill, Surrey 2018 Reviews:

Thank you very much for making our time at the Juniper Hall absolutely wonderful. Everything was perfect; the setting, food, staff, even the weather! It would not be a truly British holiday without the slight drizzle and the mist. We loved it. Who would have thought that there are all these amazing walks and true wilderness only 10 miles from London! One of the best holidays ever and really looking forward to coming back. (April 2018)

5 Star PicThis stay was our third holiday at Juniper Hall and it didn't disappoint. My children are 9 and 11 and I am a single parent. We love the beauty of the place and the freedom it offers. There is always plenty to do. Each year we make new friends and meet families from all over the world. The staff at Juniper is second to none. Again this year, they went out of their way to make us feel welcome and will honestly help out in any way they can. The accommodation, bathroom and shower facilities were all clean and comfortable and we had a lovely view from our window. I did find the mattress a bit soft but the children had no problems sleeping.


Real Family Holiday Devon 2018 Reviews:

4 Star PicWe had a really great stay and thoroughly enjoyed the local area. The team were friendly and helpful and the workshop leaders fun and very knowledgable. The food was plentiful and tasty and the grounds with low rope course offered lots of fun and challenge for the children. The only reason I did not score 5/5 is not all the rooms were unsuite, and whilst we had a unsuite, I would have been extreme disappointed if we hadn’t. I think this venue is perfect for families with primary school aged children and it based in a beautiful place with lots and lots of day trip options.  (July/August 2018)


Real Family Holiday Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire 2018 Reviews:

5 Star PicWe booked 3 days in dale fort, it was a fantastic break the 3 day flew past and when packing up on last day we realised we should have booked for longer as both kids didn't want to leave. The scenery was just amazing, the food was good, the staff was really helpful,the activities was fun, the accommodation could do with a bit of upgrading but not complaining. We loved it and most important kids loved it. Will be booking with you again and have recommended to many friends already. (July 2018)

 3 Star PicStaff and activities at Dale fort were great, but the facilities are extremely basic, mainly due to the structure and location of the hostel. I loved the great atmosphere between families. We'll most probably book another vacation with FSC but in a different location. (July 2018)


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