Reviews 2018

Families who visited us in 2018 have left their comments and ratings of their holidays

Real Family Holiday Scottish Highlands 2018 Reviews:

5 Star PicThank you for a lovely Easter weekend, we really enjoyed our stay. We found our room to be spacious and very clean, staff asked us more than once if we were happy and had everything we needed. The food was really tasty and plentiful, many thanks to Fiona who made sure our wee girl had delicious dairy free alternatives, she especially enjoyed the haggis for breakfast. All the staff were friendly and approachable, nice balance of led activities and free time. As minor suggestions it would have been helpful to have had a mirror near a socket in the room. Our daughter thought it would be great if there was a mud kitchen to play with (ours is just a low table with a selection of pots and pans, access to water and plenty of mud) We enjoyed our visit just as much as our real family holidays to the Millport site and I’m sure we’ll be back again. (April 2018)

4 Star Pic
Good value for money, very relaxed atmosphere, my 7 year old daughter had a ball. Room a little tired but clean and comfortable. (July 2018)

 5 Star PicMy two boys, 11 and 5, enjoyed the house, grounds and activities immensly, and I could let them roam by themselves for much of our free time. As a single parent, I got a chance to read a whole book, get plenty of rest, connect with other parents and families, and even relax with a couple of pints in the bar. The activities are engaging for all ages and very well run. They give brilliant ideas what kids can do outdoors and we will be doing some of these things back home. The accommodation was clean and practical with plenty of space and privacy, and the food was good and plentyful with friendly staff serving up. I even had some essential clothing laundered, folded and returned to me which helped us survive the long trip home. I loved it, the kids loved it, and it is unbelievable value for money. (July 2018)

5 Star Pic
We had a great time at Kindrogan. We enjoyed all the activities on offer. Instructors and other staff at centre are friendly and welcoming. Activities are well organised and pitched so that all ages can enjoy and participate fully.(July 2018)


Real Family Holiday Scottish Islands 2018 Reviews:

 5 Star Pic
Although the weather was shocking most of the week, the staff team were just as enthusiastic as always. We built and lit a camp fire in the driving sleet and wind. A highlight! We loved our holiday. (April 2018)

5 Star Pic
As promised after last year's trip to Millport, we took another 3 families along with us and everybody had a ball! The food was great, staff were amazing, weather was stunning (except Sunday), the activities were brilliant - very happy children meant very happy adults. Bushcraft was enjoyed by all and Beach Art showed a variation of styles that can be achieved in the rain! Introduced some newbies to snorkelling and cant wait to come back again next year.... (July 2018)

 I booked the trip for my partner and his kids as a surprise however I had to inform him beforehand because FSC didn’t confirm the booking until a few days before and only because we phoned several times. When they arrived they were given rooms in the old building that were pretty outdated to be honest ( I had stayed previously in the new block and was impressed with the standard). At dinner time there was no where for them to sit and eat, no table reserved and they had to eat standing up until a member of the kitchen staff (apparently there was no staff available as it was after 4pm and fsc staff finished at that time) made them up a make shift table, next to the sink! Mealtimes in general al were over crowded and the families seemed to be out numbered by other adults. The kitchen staff did their best and should be credited for being extra patient and going above and beyond. Sorry, but I was embarrassed I recommended fsc to him. I so wanted to give a great review but I can’t recommend it to others after this. (July 2018)

5 Star PicA fabulous time for the whole family. Every need was catered for which allowed us to spend quality time with each other. We are now looking forward to coming back next year. (July 2018)

4 Star Pic The adventure began on the road with more than 5 hours drive to have a stopover at Dumfries before ending with a ferry crossing to the Isle of Cumbrae. The island was small but quaint. We love the beach and had fun rock pooling. The kids enjoyed looking for the famous rocks including the crocodile, the lion and the Indian. The accommodation was lovely and all had ensuites. The food was wholesome and filling and the center even had dairy and egg free pudding - bonus! The most memorable activity was bird box building and the kids had a go hammering nails into wood for the very first time. Shame about the stormy weather as it rained virtually everyday and we didn't join in that many of the outdoor activities due to this. (March 2018)

Real Family Holiday Box Hill, Surrey 2018 Reviews:

Thank you very much for making our time at the Juniper Hall absolutely wonderful. Everything was perfect; the setting, food, staff, even the weather! It would not be a truly British holiday without the slight drizzle and the mist. We loved it. Who would have thought that there are all these amazing walks and true wilderness only 10 miles from London! One of the best holidays ever and really looking forward to coming back. (April 2018)

5 Star Pic
This stay was our third holiday at Juniper Hall and it didn't disappoint. My children are 9 and 11 and I am a single parent. We love the beauty of the place and the freedom it offers. There is always plenty to do. Each year we make new friends and meet families from all over the world. The staff at Juniper is second to none. Again this year, they went out of their way to make us feel welcome and will honestly help out in any way they can. The accommodation, bathroom and shower facilities were all clean and comfortable and we had a lovely view from our window. I did find the mattress a bit soft but the children had no problems sleeping. (August 2018)

4 Star PicAnother good year at Juniper hall despite the rain and worry about child's illness the relaxed atmosphere and community feel among guests continued. I thought I may have to cancel due to my daughter being ill but staff over the phone were wonderfully understanding and offered different options so I was much more happy to still attend. The rain put a damper on things but kids were still able to run around, have fun and make new friends. On the day we did get sun staff were helpful with advice on routes for walking which was great as I was somewhat reluctant to embark on a walk having little sense of direction so the maps and directions really helped. Food selection was great as where the provisions for those with allergies and the lunch area seemed much better managed this year. Our room was spacious and clean. Only very minor irritation where the shower rooms which seemed to have a small infestation of drain flies- probably due to blockage suggested by slow draining water in the showers. (August 2018)

5 Star Pic
Excellent again, just like last year. The food was lovely and the staff were really great too. (August 2018)

5 Star PicThis was our first time on a Real Family Holiday and it was a great experience, we'll definitely be back next year! The staff were friendly and helpful; nothing was too much trouble. I particularly liked the way that they so quickly learnt our childrens' names during our stay. Each morning activity was well organised and run and while there was no pressure to complete them (great with the younger ones who run out of steam), there was also lots of follow up opportunities for older children. The afternoon crafting session was also linked to the morning activity and our children really enjoyed each session. Our children loved making so many new friends and spent almost all their spare time in the grounds of the centre playing with the other children. When we were able to prise them away we visited the local swimming pool to cool down; again the staff were so helpful with advice and directions. As parents we are used to finishing our family holiday exhausted, but not this time! The children played hard and we relaxed. (August 2018)

5 Star PicAn outstanding experience! Tutors were well informed and engaged well with the children. Accommodation and catering was excellent. A great family experience. (August 2018)

4 Star PicWe had a really great holiday with you: The courses and staff were amazing, however, the cleanig and food need to be improve. We are looking to booking something for the year 2019.


Real Family Holiday Devon 2018 Reviews:

4 Star PicWe had a really great stay and thoroughly enjoyed the local area. The team were friendly and helpful and the workshop leaders fun and very knowledgable. The food was plentiful and tasty and the grounds with low rope course offered lots of fun and challenge for the children. The only reason I did not score 5/5 is not all the rooms were unsuite, and whilst we had a unsuite, I would have been extreme disappointed if we hadn’t. I think this venue is perfect for families with primary school aged children and it based in a beautiful place with lots and lots of day trip options.  (July/August 2018)

4 Star PicThis was where we stayed on our first ever Real Family Holiday, 4 years ago! We had fond memories and we were happy to return. The food was as good as ever and very plentiful, all the staff were wonderful, the beds were comfortable and the showers were hot. Only half an hour drive from beautiful clean sandy beaches, and on another day we made it to Dartmoor and enjoyed a walk there. Gave it 5 instead of 4 stars this time though as I didn't think the activities were as good - no bat walk this time (we booked and joined one independently at the Start Bay Centre) - and I thought £5 per person, so £15 for me and my two children, for an afternoon's rock-pooling was a bit steep, especially as we had to organise our own transport there through the narrowest roads ever (this is the only thing I don't like about this part of the world - my car actually got stuck in a passing place one time and I had to flag down a passing motorist for help). I think it should have been £5 per family not per person, and it would have been much more sensible to take us all en masse in a minibus or two. Also having done all the usual activities at previous holidays it would be nice to see something new, especially more activities geared to older children. We would return, however, for the location, the wonderful staff, and the food! (July 2018)

4 Star PicThis year I took my blind fiance, my 17 year old son and my 10 year old daughter to Start Bay. It was a lovely quiet location, with the only drawback being that to get in and out of the area you have to travel miles on mostly single-track roads. Being the only driver, with a large people carrier, I found this really stressful...and to some extent spoilt my holiday. Due to the roads being so narrow we didn’t really want to walk too far either. On a more positive note, the staff were lovely and couldn’t do enough for you. A special thank you to the two ladies on the catering side of things, who were a huge help. The bedrooms were a good size, and the rooms very clean. My fiance and I were lucky enough to have the disabled room with en suite and this was a real blessing. The drawback was that the children were upstairs on the other side of the centre, and I would have liked them closer. The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is two things; the mattresses were very uncomfortable and we both came away with aching backs; plus, the rooms were not sound-proofed very well. The occupant of the room above ours warned us when we arrived that you could hear every word spoken between the two rooms...and she was right! We probably wouldn’t go back to Start Bay again, but only because of the amount of driving I had to do, but this is no bad reflection on the centre, which was great. It was still a very good value holiday, which we all enjoyed. (August 2018)

5 Star PicHad the best holiday thank you for being so inclusive and amazing. (August 2018)

5 Star PicWow what can I say, we had such an amazing time at the start bay center situated in the beautiful village of slapton in Devon. We were made to feel welcome from the moment we arrived, the staff were lovely and nothing was too much trouble. The food was lovely and there was ample of it, the activities we're well organised by tutors that were very knowledgeable. Can't wait to book next year's holiday (August 2018)

5 Star PicMy daughter and I had a wonderful time on our 3 night break at Fort Dale. We loved the balance of having an organised activity and having our own time to go and explore the local area. Everyone was very friendly and it was great to meet and spend time with families that shared our interests and enjoyment of nature and being outdoors. We will definitely book another stay at an FSC centre and hopefully will get to visit them all! Thank you for a wonderful and memorable stay. (August 2018)

4 Star Pic We went for a weekend with a 4 year old and baby. Staff very friendly and welcoming, and morning activities fun and suitable for our 4 year old. Nearby beach was fun for the afternoon. Catering was excellent and plenty of food at mealtimes and cakes/fruit available in between. Beds were comfortable and our room was quiet at night so we all slept well. We would definitely come again. A minor point- dining room and bathrooms were clean and bedding in our room clean- however walls had quite a large area of peeling paint/cracked plaster and door/door handles/bed frames were sticky/grubby from previous occupants and sofa covers in communal living area needed a wash....enough to knock off the fifth star but overall great fun and good value considering in school holidays and quality of food/activities :-) (August 2018)

Real Family Holiday Lake District 2018 Reviews:

5 Star PicWe had a lovely time at Blencathra RFH. The staff go out of their way to ensure you are looked after. Loved the Gyhll scramble and the food was delicious. The only slight negative (and this is no fault of RFH or its staff) is that of the young children unsupervised who were running around making a mess in the kitchen using up all the juice and hot chocolate and spilling it everywhere. There were a couple of near misses that I spotted where someone could have been seriously injured with hot drinks, etc. So come on parents! It's not fair on the staff or the rest of us. Please supervise your little children and clean up after them! Rant over... the setting and everything else was superb. Thank you RFH and all the wonderful team, you do a marvellous job and we are looking forward to booking again next year. (August 2018)

4 Star PicOverall a very enjoyable holiday in the Lake District. On a positive note - Good food, friendly and helpful staff, good free activities on a morning, room and facilities were clean, fantastic location (and views) in the heart of the Lake District with walks direct from the door, and as ever good value for money for what is essentially a full board holiday. The negatives - room was very small and the mattresses very uncomfortable, some parents took no responsibility for their children; letting them run wild (lots of noise and trashing the place) until very late while they got hammered in the bar - this is not the fault of the staff or the centre and could happen anywhere but was annoying none the less. Also there was a poor choice of afternoon activities - only 2 different activities in the 5 days we were there, and one of those was a hill walk at £10 per person - we did that ourselves for free and saved £30! (August 2018)

Our stay at Blencathra in the Lake District in summer 2018 was excellent. Its a fabulous location near K5 Star Pickeswick and Derwentwater, and I learned this year they filmed scenes from `Star Wars The Force Awakens nearby'! Every meal is catered for, the staff are friendly, the food both good and wholesome. You really are in the heart of the Lake District, with good hiking directly from the centre or a short drive away. Real Family Holidays are GREAT value for money. (August 2018)

5 Star PicReally lovely location. Stunning views from every window. Accommodation was spotlessly clean and very good standard. Staff were as always helpful and friendly. The kids activities were good. The catching of a field mouse was the highlight of the holiday. Again Real Family Holidays live up to their name. Excellent location and great food as always. Many thanks for all your hard work at the centre. (August 2018)

Real Family Holiday Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire 2018 Reviews:

5 Star PicWe booked 3 days in dale fort, it was a fantastic break the 3 day flew past and when packing up on last day we realised we should have booked for longer as both kids didn't want to leave. The scenery was just amazing, the food was good, the staff was really helpful,the activities was fun, the accommodation could do with a bit of upgrading but not complaining. We loved it and most important kids loved it. Will be booking with you again and have recommended to many friends already. (July 2018)

 3 Star PicStaff and activities at Dale fort were great, but the facilities are extremely basic, mainly due to the structure and location of the hostel. I loved the great atmosphere between families. We'll most probably book another vacation with FSC but in a different location. (July 2018)

 Amazin5 Star Picg holidays! (August 2018)


4 Star PicWe really enjoyed our holiday at Dale Fort, it is set in a stunning part of the world. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We thought it was excellent value for money-the only negative was the food but for the price we paid it was satisfactory. We will come back again next year-but for longer! (August 2018)

4 Star PicWe really enjoyed our holiday at Dale Fort, it is set in a stunning part of the world. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We thought it was excellent value for money-the only negative was the food but for the price we paid it was satisfactory. We will come back again next year-but for longer! (August 2018)

Real Family Holiday Orielton, Pembrokeshire 2018 Reviews:

3 Star PicOrielton is in a great location, the setting was lovely and the grounds provided us with the opportunity to go for walks and explore. It is close by to many attractions including Pembroke castle and many beaches. I stayed here with my friend and our two children both 11 years of age. They thoroughly enjoyed the freedom that the grounds provided and spent many hours playing football on the pitch outside the house. Their was a good selection of games indoors however it would be nice to have seen more encouragement of the outside spaces (their was no volleyball net out during our stay). The accommodation was basic but all you needed, clean and tidy but a little warm at times due to many windows not being able to be opened. We all enjoyed the variety of cakes provided and their were choices when it came to meal times. Having previously stayed at another Real family holidays location I would say that the food was OK but not at the same great standard as we had experienced before. The staff onsite were great, full of knowledge and really helpful. The children loved the little tuck shop and being able to purchase goodies for their evening. The activities included were also good but perhaps more could be catered to older children or maybe separate age groupings. (August 2018)

Real Family Holiday South Wales 2018 Reviews:

 5 Star PicA special place to visit. All the staff are friendly and the tutors are fun and knowledgeable. Good cooking and plenty of choice for breakfasts, packed lunches and dinners. I loved our room and walk in shower. It's lovely being next to the farm and the boys loved the adventure playground. The best bit though? Having the park to ourselves and watching the deer in peace! (August 2018)

5 Star PicStaff (tutors and support staff) helpful and friendly. En suite (shower, toilet) room, plenty of power points, good lighting (reading light by each bunk). Bunk beds were attached to the walls and foldable (in some cases). Comfortable beds though a bit squeaky. Food generally good - can ask for "seconds" and cake was plentiful. Breakfast OK with toast, cereals, typically 2 cooked items (e.g. sausage, beans). Dinner very good with 2 options (veggie, non-veggie) - though they'd help if you didn't like either. The centre itself contains a number of blocks with interconnecting walkways (not corridors) all raised above the ground on 'stilts'. There were 2 common rooms, a craft room, a 'film room', and a refectory - all except the latter were locked at 10:30pm as their doors are effectively 'external' (refectory PIN code and accommodation blocks via key). Activities were good and it was useful to have some in the evening (campfire, small mammal trapping) as it meant we had the day to go off exploring. The location is fantastic - you can just walk out the door and into Margam country Park itself. This includes an adventure playground and a short farm animal trail within a few minutes walk of the centre. Area lovely - good selection of things to do (indoor and outdoor). Very useful to have some free options listed on the information sheet. Swansea LC2 (swimming) was good value. We'd definitely recommend the centre and would like to visit again. (August 2018)

4 Star PicAccomodation great. We really enjoyed our stay and would come again. Even better if - food were more appealing and child friendly especially dinners and packed lunches - activities were organised differently to better promote group bonding earlier on. (August 2018)

5 Star PicAn excellent centre within easy reach of a multitude of activities and days out. The food and accommodation are first rate. The children really enjoyed the pond dipping activity run by the Discovery Centre. The fact that the centre is a short walk from Margham Adventure meant we could take advantage of the activities offered there too; the archery was a really fun hour. The site is a beautiful and restful place to stay. Walking the site brings you close to many different animals. Witnessing the deer that wander the site were a real highlight. The location of the site meant we could also visit nearby attractions. Caerphilly Castle was well worth a visit, and we also managed to enjoy a visit to Dylan Thomas' boathouse in Laugherne. All in all, we had a great stay at Margham and will hopefully return soon as there remains lots in the area for us to explore. Massive thank you to all the staff at Real Family Holidays and the Margham Discovery Centre for making our holiday such a memorable one. (August 2018)

5 Star PicThis was our first holiday with RFH so unsure as to what to expect, on arrival the staff were friendly and helpful we were shown around our accommodation which was very nice and had the added luxury of an en suite shower and WC, it was clean, tidy and had plenty of storage room, the other families were all very lovely and helped to make the holiday extra special as the kids all became firm friends and run around in the evening playing manhunt until it was dark, the common rooms were a great place to relax and chat with other families in the evenings, the food was ok, basic grub that filled you up and plenty of it, no one went hungry. The surrounding areas were fantastic to explore but the park itself was so huge it took us a few days to see all of it. We will definitely be returning. (August 2018)

Real Family Holiday Snowdonia 2018 Reviews:

5 Star PicTwo senior citizens took their grandsons to Rhyd-y-creuau in Snowdonia and we had a great time and they did too. To see free range children playing hide and seek, tag,  organising dance competitions and pajama parties was a joy. And that was just on the inside. The outside activities were great too, three of us loved the gorge expedition (granddad let nanny go on that one) and it was thrilling and challenging. Some were like mountain goats some not so but we all achieved and many of us swam in the lake at the  end.
The food was good and food that children eat, the DIY sandwich bar was excellent and to arrive  back after an energetic day to home made cake, tea and a dinner cooked for you was lovely. Tea on tap all the time was also a bonus.
We all had a great time and my on loan walking boots were the most comfortable I have ever worn, and to not have to think about taking all the wet weather gear was also  a great idea.
The staff were very child aware and friendly and fun. We had a great time and I just wish I had discovererd RFH earlier. (August 2018)

5 Star PicFirst time on a Real family holiday and I would definitely recommend it. We have older children and was a little worried that the free activities would be a bit young for them and planned to use the centre as a base camp.Well there was nothing to worry about, technology went out the window for the 4 nights we stayed. They fully enjoyed themselves. Food was spot on, proper hearty filling meals and a great choice for making packed lunches. The staff were very helpful and offered their opinions on where we could visit in the area. The rooms were as we expected, nothing too fancy however clean and functional. Will certainly be looking to book again. (August 2018)

5 Star PicLovely location with lots of gorgeous walks nearby. The staff were really accommodating and helpful with arrangements for our new baby. We enjoyed the activities, especially the den building! Our rooms were very nice, as were the communal space. The food was also excellent. This was our third real family holiday, and we have enjoyed all of them. Hopefully more of the same next year! (August 2018)

5 Star PicWe had a lovely holiday in Wales. Our seven year old daughter loved all the activities, especially life in the river, the campfire and moths & mammals. The food was good with lovely vegetarian options and it was great to have the option to make lunches in the morning and drinks throughout the day. The staff were friendly and helpful. The bedrooms and bathrooms were a little tired but fine. It was good to have several areas to socialise in. The adults enjoyed the lounge and bar and the children loved playing together in the children's common room. There is also a games room in the basement with a pool table, ping pong and table football. Betws-y-Cowd is an easy walk and there is lots to do round about but we spent most of our time doing the activities at the centre and just chilling out there. All in all, we thought it was one of the best family holidays we have ever had! (August 2018)

 4 Star Pic POSITIVES We loved the beautiful location of this centre, right on the edge of Snowdonia walking country. The staff as always were so helpful, the beds were comfortable even if the room was a little snug. The food was really tasty too, some of the best I've had at these centres, we even tried to replicate one of the recipes at home, my only complaint was I would have liked more of it, I thought the adult portions were too small, adults were given the same amount as children and in my opinion it wasn't enough, especially as I don't usually eat puddings. When I asked for more I was told to wait until everyone else had been served and I felt too embarrassed to do so. Also would have liked to have seen more veg, and veg separate not mixed up as most children will eat some types but not others and if it is mixed up they will refuse it entirely. Really liked the adult only common room so you could read or chat in peace, with a fridge for wine or to chill water bottles. The wifi was really good even if it didn't reach our bedroom. NEGATIVES The only thing we found with this location was that the weather tended to be typical Welsh weather - rainy - we only had one rain-free day - which really limited the amount of outdoor activities we would have liked to do, and indoor activities were quite limited. We probably would not return for that reason. Packed lunch options were a bit limited. Cake tended to disappear quickly and was not replenished - we had none at all on our last day - I've been to centres with more families than this and there was ample cake to go round. Having done all the usual activities at previous holidays it would be nice to see something new, especially more activities geared to older children. We ended up only doing one activity and that affected our opportunities to make friends with other families. Also there was nowhere outside for the children to run about and kick a ball as we had at other centres. (August 2018)

3 Star PicI gave only 3 stars though some aspects would be 5 stars. The room for 2 ( adult and child) were small but adequate. The set of loos & showers close to our room were new, clean and roomy. We did use another one when these were busy and they were not the same standard. The food is always plenty though just personal opinion it is lacking more veg and wholegrains and is rather jam-packed with sugar and carbs. The breakfasts and dinners were fresh and appetizing the items for packed lunch were a bit lacking. The kitchen staff are all helpful and friendly. The orienteering was not as indepth as we were hoping. It would have been good to have used the compass with the map. The activity felt staid and well worn. The activity was competitive which took the edge of the learning with some children name calling and being quite OTT with each other at then end. More could be done to help children on their own, with no other siblings, to integrate more rather pitching against each other.Cooperative games rather than competition would be much more useful when 'learning' new skills. For this reason we gave the 'Team Challenge' activity a miss! There is the inevitable banging and loud talk at night if you are early to bed.Though it was tolerable. If you want to 'get away from it all' then watch out for the TV's in almost every room. I know I am in the minority regarding the over use of technology, however maybe in the dinning room there could be a restriction...encouraging more people to talk to each other?? We sat alone every meal as everyone chose to sit apart. I got the feeling that to share a table might not be welcomed so I followed suit. A tricky one. There was some misunderstanding about the booking of the Gorge Scramble. It seems it is first come first serve which is a very unfair system. Luckily I had had an email when booking that I would get a place. However, the list was full when we arrived. Eventually the staff managed to get another trained person to enable 2 groups to go. Both groups were full. We were very grateful to the staff for fixing this as it was the reason we chose this centre and this date. The experience was more than expected, fully recommend this activity. And there was cooperation all round.So for some the activities may be new and fun & for others not particularly engaging. My comments are intended to be constructive and helpful to anyone who has not been before. Would we do another Real Family Holiday? ...maybe. (August 2018)

5 Star Pic Wow, what can I say? Lovely staff, food and brilliant place not too far to climb Snowdon. We made the most of what was on offer at Snowdonia RFH and it didn't disappoint. We were thankful we could borrow some waterproofs and boots as weather unpredictable. The Gorge walk was thoroughly enjoyed and we were looked after superbly by all the team. Thank you once again for a wonderful holiday, we met some lovely people too and have brought back some fond memories. Thank you for making our family holiday a huge success and look forward to seeing you again next year for sure! (August 2018)

5 Star PicBoth myself and my 14 yr old son thoroughly enjoyed our time at Rhyd-y-creuau to the point of promising a return visit next year. All our questions were answered promptly and the staff were quick to address the only issue we had, marvelous all round, well done everyone. And a big thank you for posting the item to us that my son forgot to pack, a big 10 out of 10 to one and all! (August 2018)

5 Star PicThis is our 3rd year and 4th Real Family Holiday. The views of Snowdonia is just breathtaking! Our girls love the activities ranging from the fun team games, the hill walk, toasting marshmallows at the campfire and shelter building. We felt that the 10am start to the free activities was perfect as there's no need to rush after breakfast. The food was amazing and as a family of allergy sufferers we were very grateful that the kitchen staff can cater for our needs, however portion size for adults needs isn't adequate and not everyone would ask for seconds. Another suggestion.. Perhaps include a table/chair and some storage space in the dormitory would have helped make the stay more comfortable. Snowdonia is a lovely location to explore. We visited Conwy Castle and the nearby beach. We also visited Anglesey and the secluded and beautiful llanddona beach. Thank you Rhyd-y-Creuau for leaving our family with wonderful memories! (August 2018)

Real Family Holiday Yorkshire Dales 2018 Reviews:

5 Star PicBrilliant 3 nights away at Malham fieldcentre. Basic accommodation, nice homely food, packed lunch provided and great friendly staff. Will definitely use real holidays again. (August 2018)

 4 Star PicBeautiful location. Fantastic staff, who made our last night so memorable with nettle tea and bread. (August 2018)

4 Star Pic We really enjoyed our week away at Malham Tarn. Great value for money, catering and activity staff were excellent - friendly and very knowledgeable. Food was really good. Housekeeping left a bit to be desired though - the accommodation looked very tired and not very clean. The housekeeping staff were not very friendly either. We had an issue with the shower in our room, which was quickly sorted, but left the carpet damp and an unpleasant smell in the room. (August 2018)

5 Star PicWe had an absolutely wonderful holiday. Great activities - well organised and engaging. The staff could not have been more welcoming and helpful. Delicious home cooked food - and lots of it. Stunning scenery, peace and beauty with huge amounts of space for children to play and explore. Cannot recommend it highly enough! (August 2018)

5 Star PicGreat time had by all. Will do again next year. (August 2018)


5 Star PicWe had a great time in Malham, and would happily have stayed longer. The staff were all lovely, great with the kids and genuinely enthusiastic about what they are doing. Meals were good - well cooked and nutritious, the activities were varied and interesting, and the freedom afforded everyone is fantastic. We will all be recommending FAV, and certainly coming back. (August 2018)

5 Star PicBoth me and my son thoroughly enjoyed our stay, so much so that we stayed an extra night:) the teachers were interesting, fun and so lovely. We both learnt a lot of new things about the outside world, went on our 1st hill walk together and built great memories. This is definitely going to be an annual getaway for us. I can't thank the team enough. See you next yearx (August 2018)

5 Star PicThis was our first Real family holiday but it won’t be our last. We all had a brilliant time. We learned lots and made lots of new friends. (August 2018)

4 Star PicWe had a fantastic time at Malham Tarn! The activities were fun and informative, my daughter loved the orienteering and rocket launching was a hit with Dad! The staff were really approachable and knowledgeable and pitched the activities just right for the audience. [One member of staff] was super friendly and really helped us out with reuniting Katy the doll with her loving owner :) Suggestions would be to provide more than one chair in bedrooms with two parents and either provide a table lamp or advise us to bring one, as we're room-bound once little ones are sleeping. Food wise: real butter at mealtimes rather than marg/spread would be good and more condiments for lunches (mayo, mustard, pickle, peanut butter, etc). These could be locally produced in many cases. Seasonal, British fruit would also be nice. The food was great value for money but I have had better food at FSC centres in the past. Overall, a wonderful stay. Thanks! (August 2018)

4 Star PicMy daughter Eliza and I are just back from a great week! It was brilliant, the activities were lots of fun, educational and engaging for everyone. [The tutors] were excellent leaders. Pond dipping, campfires, orienteering, quietly looking out across the Tarn, watching and listening to bats, walks, wilderness survival and herbal tea!! Perfect! Stunning scenery and area - it is remote, so be prepared. Very good value for money, great opportunity, as a single parent, to holiday with other familes & have company doing outdoorsy fun stuff! Good food every day too - it was better than I expected with more choice at dinner and catered for my potato-averse child! Only giving 4 star not 5, as on first night we found our sheets had not been changed - this got sorted first thing with no probs. As I expected, the centre generally was a bit 'tired'/mucky in shared areas like common room. This wasn't a problem, it's a charitable organisation operating on a tight budget, people traipsing about in walking boots & a huge mix of people. We ended up staying an extra night on top of the 6 I'd booked! We want to come back! (August 2018)

4 Star PicReally enjoyed our stay at the malham tarn centre and would love to come back next year but we had a few issues regarding hygiene and cleanliness which we would need assurances on before committing. Such a shame as everything else warrants five stars. (August 2018)

5 Star PicWe recently had a three night stay at Real Family Holidays Box Hill. It couldn’t have been more perfect! We are three sisters with our own families and our Mum, with two of my sisters living abroad so finding an affordable place for us all to meet is difficult. This break was so ideal for every one of us. The children were constantly occupied, either by organised activities or playing football with other children, hide and seek, air hockey, table football, etc etc either with us or without us adults. We loved being able to eat together but no one be responsible for the food or the cooking! We all loved the organised activities, especially when an element of competition came into play! The campfire, songs and marshmallows was also a really lovely evening. One of the leaders, was happy to talk to us about the area and the history of the house and area which was fascinating. Every member of staff, whether they were leaders, office staff, chefs and kitchen staff....were all, without exception, so, so lovely. They made the holiday so much more memorable. The food was great....enough choice for everyone, even one of my sisters who is vegan. One of the nicest things about the holiday was how everyone joined in with everyone else. We played a game on one evening on the lawn that a number of other people joined in and it was such a fantastic evening. A lot of fun! The emphasis of the whole project is to encourage the children to enjoy the outdoors. That was certainly achieved on our break. The weather obviously helped but it did us all the power of good to be so carefree, all of us together, with no one having to think about going indoors to make dinner and none of the children asking to go on an iPad or watch TV! The local area is stunning and we had a couple of trips out to enjoy the villages and surrounding countryside and local streams complete with stepping stones and tyre beautiful. We will definitely do a RFH again. We met some lovely people, all sharing the same laid back time, not worrying about their children! We were originally thinking of looking to go to other centres but enjoyed Box Hill it would be hard to top it! Thank you so much to everyone there for making it so special for us. Our first break away together since losing our beloved Dad....and although it made us sad that he wasn’t there to share it with us knowing how much he’d have loved was the perfect way for us to enjoy being together in a completely stress free environment. We HIGHLY recommend it! (August 2018)

5 Star PicOnce again, another fantastic visit. Newly refurbished room was excellent. A warm welcome from caring staff. All set in the fantastic isolation of the Yorkshire Dales. (August 2018)

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