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Real Family Holiday Scottish Islands 2019 Reviews:

4 Star Pic

Activities are really enjoyable and encourages interaction amongst families and children. Food is superb. All staffs are very accommodating in spite of being busy. (April 2019)

 4 Star PicI have given this holiday 4/5, because although we had an amazing time, there were just a few grumbles that we had about the center. There was limited meat dishes available for dinner, always two vegetarian options and one meat choice (usually mince based). The food was a little bland too. There was a very large group of teenagers also in the center for three days of our stay, this was chaotic. There was no where for our young children to go as the large group of teenagers over took all areas where the children would usually be- we saw this as a safe guarding issue, especially as the children weren’t allowed in the adult room. This meant we couldn’t relax. They were also sleeping in the same block as some of the other families- they were noisy late at night and banging on doors early in the mornings. We didn’t think this was fair. Alcohol was strictly forbidden on the premises except from the bar area in the adult room( this was only open from 9pm-10.30pm), again, I think this is unfair and unrealistic with young children. After already been on a real family holiday in Wales that accepted children in the adult room - open all day/night and also allowing us to drink our own alcohol, I found this unfair. On a positive note, staff were very friendly- especially Chris( events coordinator) and Brian who works part time in the kitchen. They couldn’t do enough to please us and made the kids feel very welcome. The location is absolutely stunning, only a short walk from the sea front and an easy scenic walk to Millport town. Activities were also well lead and very interesting. We throughly enjoyed our time at Millport and although we probably wouldn’t stay in the centre again, we’d love to go back to the island again. (July 2019)

Real Family Holiday South Wales 2019 Reviews:

4 Star PicWe had a lovely holiday at Margam in April. The deer walk was great, and the mammal trapping had a brilliant success rate. The staff were friendly and the location was fantastic - we didn't need to leave the park and yet still had a wide variety of activities. Downsides - having stayed at Malham, Juniper Hall, and Start Bay, we missed a 'communal lawn' where the children can all run around within sight of the centre. There was also slight disappointment at lack of 'tea time cake' (April 2019) 

Real Family Holiday Box Hill, Surrey 2019 Reviews:

  5 Star PicThis holiday has exceeded our expectations and, like many otjers we met, we will return.There is large open space just outside the door where children can play game balls or just run around. There was a great mix of all ages and the older ones were very good with the younger ones. The wood are just 2 min walk. The National Trust fun trail is about 20 min walk and it is great fun for all ages. We walked to Henry IV pub through the woods, lovely PUB. The activities were design for children from 2 till 102. I. The afternoon the was a craft room where kids can draw, stick, make thing and it was supervised so parents can have a tea in the room next door. Food was very good and they cater for all different requirements. All meals were tasty and varied. The packed lunch variety was great and all good quality. Afternoon cake was baked in the kitchen and always nice. Accommodation is basic but clean and comfortable. There are shared toilets and showers but we didn’t have to queue Evenings were very sociable, With great conversations and great people. (February 2019)

Modern children do not ofter have the opportunity to be carefree. Here they can! To watch children play in their own worlds was amazing. We have walked, swam in rivers, swing from a rope swing, played hide and seek (downstairs only) climbed trees, played tag and had an amazing time. Thank you. Food was good too. (August 2019)

The time I spent with the boys was fun and we took part in an number of activities which we all got a great deal of pleasure. The children took part in a fire lighting and camp building session where they let the children light the cotton wool. Both of my boys had a go and really enjoyed this. We all went fishing together and I now feel more comfortable to allow the boys to paddle in our local area.

Real Family Holiday Dale Fort, Pembrokeshire 2019 Reviews:

4 Star Pic

We really enjoyed our holiday at Dale Fort, it is set in a stunning part of the world. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We thought it was excellent value for money-the only negative was the food but for the price we paid it was satisfactory. We will come back again next year-but for longer!

4 Star PicStunning location although I found the single lane road leading up to it terrifying! Sea view from our room and facilities very clean and comfortable as always. We loved watching the baby swallows who nest in the fort and walking down to the beaches, it really is an excellent location. We took drives to Little Haven, Scolton Manor Park (recommended) and Castell Henllys, a reconstructed iron age fort, which was great value for money. Wifi was sporadic but when it worked it was fine. The only negative I would say was the food which we found to be low quality and not very tasty, others have said the same and it is a shame as it would put us off returning. Looked like frozen veg and very low quality meat. One day we had meatballs and no-one could eat them. For packed lunches there was a choice of tasteless cheap grated cheese, ham, chocolate spread, egg mayo which was more mayo than egg, or cheap jam. No biscuits or flapjack only cheap sausage rolls every day. The tastiest thing I ate all week was the ketchup. Sorry as the kitchen staff are wonderful but the menu needs sorting out! There were not many families staying which I thought was a shame, if the menu could be improved I'm sure the numbers would grow. (August 2019)

Real Family Holiday Devon 2019 Reviews:

  5 Star PicReally lovely location. Stunning views from every window. Accommodation was spotlessly clean and very good standard. Staff were as always helpful and friendly. The kids activities were good. The catching of a field mouse was the highlight of the holiday. Again Real Family Holidays live up to their name. Excellent location and great food as always. Many thanks for all your hard work at the centre. (April 2019)

There is something special about Start Bay Centre which brings the children and parents from different families together. I am not sure if it is the way the site works or if it something in the water! After a few minutes in the common room, children from different families and of different ages can be seen happily playing together.  Parents display great parenting skills when keeping an eye on their children in the common room. I saw other parents helping children to revise for upcoming exams and, on a previous visit, parents assisting a single parent with minding a child. It is this mutual respect and camaraderie amongst the families that makes Real Family Holidays at Start Bay such a lovely place to holiday with a young family. Well done to all at Start Bay! (April,2019)

5 Star PicExcellent as always, staff fantastic, food really good, we love Salcombe Bay and Bantham Beach for sandy beaches and playing in the sea. The only thing I don't like is driving on the single lane roads! This will probably be our last visit to Start Bay as my children are teenagers now and after 5 years of Real Family Holidays they are finally growing out of them, they have done the activities many times, but we have had a wonderful 5 years of holidays with you, thank you so much! (August 2019)

Real Family Holiday Somerset 2019 Reviews:

 4 Star PicWe loved the location - so peaceful and the house was fab. So nice to be able to just get on with enjoying ourselves and not have to think about meals as they are all provided. The beds were comfortable and it was quiet at night apart from the last night when 60 students on a school trip arrived late at night and ran through the corridors shouting! They did respond to requests to quieten it down though. Lots of lovely walks right from the door and a big grass area for football. The church next door was interesting too. We didn't try the bar as it only opened at 9.30pm which was too late for us (we'd have liked to be able to use it earlier) (April 2019)

I know I said it upon leaving today but I would like to say it again. Thank you for our best family holiday it beat the usual caravan parks on so many levels. Your hospitality was amazing and if you could mention this to the lovely cleaner who had to access our room a couple of times, I didn't get her name but she was so lovely and friendly always had time to chat. The food was great please thank the kitchen staff, good home cooked meals just as we have at home and plenty of it too, we brought extra snacks and never needed them not even the chocolate! We will definitely be booking again and as well as other locations we hope to visit you all again. Thank you again. (August 2019) 

The location in Somerset was a dream, complete open space, beautiful surroundings and the building was beautiful. The best bit was being completely free and able to explore the woods and wildlife. The staff were welcoming and the accommodation was good. The catered food was also of a very good standard. The whole time we were away we had no access to the internet or phones and this we followed through at home. The children haven't stopped talking about the memories we made and the adventures we went on during the holiday. Also the children are more aware of wildlife, their surroundings and the environment. (August 2019)


Real Family Holiday Rhyd-y-Creuau 2019 Reviews:    

5 Star Pic We had another lovely holiday with RFH, in Wales. The accomodation was fab, clean, today, and it's  really nice to have a separate adults-only sitting room. The food was very good, and plentiful. The tutors were all engaging and engaged - genuinely interested in the activities they were leading, and enthusiastic with the children. The one downside was the middle over one of the activities, which meant that we missed out on something. It was explained afterwards, but it was a shame. Rhyd-y-creuau is really well situated for all sorts of trips, and I like how much the centre made of its Welsh setting. Another great holiday - we will dig Italy be booking for next year  (August 2019)



Real Family Holiday Yorkshire Dales 2019 Reviews:

5 Star Pic  Lovely setting, friendly staff. Comfortable accommodation. Wholesome food.

The break gave the opportunity to spend quality time with my son. The best bit was the activities and being able to do them with my son, and being out and about in the countryside. We have been camping before and hopefully will be able to do this again. Being away from home and forgetting about issues at home for a few days has been great.  (August 2019)


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